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Advanced Backup & Cybersecurity Solution, With Ransomware Protection

Back up your data securely. All-In-One Data protection as seamless as it can be With Acronis Backup Cyber Protect Cloud Malaysia

Shield Your Data with Acronis Backup Cyber Protect Cloud

In line with the reputation that it holds as an award-winning leader in cloud backup, Acronis Backup Cyber Protect Cloud provides safe and secure protection & redundancy for your data while safeguarding workloads on more than 20 platforms with near-zero RPOs and RTOs. Your data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint management - All in ONE solution. For big corporations and enterprises, data storing is crucial as it may hold sensitive data for the corporation. We in Dita Selia can provide the solution for your business - that is Acronis Backup Cyber Protect Cloud Solution!

Acronis Backup Cyber Protect Cloud Plan for 1 Server


1TB Storage


2TB Storage


3TB Storage


5TB Storage

Acronis Backup Cyber Protect Cloud Plan for 1 VM


100GB Storage


300 GB Storage


500 GB Storage


1TB Storage

Get It Done With Amazing Features

Active Protection Automation

No more worries about modern cyber threat! Our technology is secured and protected with a built-in automatic recovery from ransomware and is now enhanced with an AI-based static and behaviour anti-malware analysis focused on zero-day threats.

Comprehensive Dashboard

An insightful and easy-to-understand report prepared to allow you to identify any problems with clients. Solutions can be figured out more effectively, avoiding stacked-up problems that can affect your business directly.

Multiple Backup Types

All in one! Back up disks/volumes (with all information required for the operating system to boot), individual files or folders, system states (for Microsoft Windows systems), or ESXi configurations.

Flexible Backup Storage Options

Whether it is Acronis-hosted cloud storage, Google cloud storage, Microsoft Azure, your cloud storage or local networked storage, our flexible storage options can comply with any of your preferences. Pick any of the options that you want.

Instant & Universal Restore

Reduced time taken on recovery and RTO cut as fast as 15 seconds. With Acronis's built-in capability and expertise in technology, no more waiting time for you! Everything becomes instant.

Remote Desktop Assistance

Working from home is not a big deal no more! Acronis Backup Cyber Protect Cloud enable secure, off-site access to machines for users and provide technical assistance to clients with built-in remote desktop capabilities.

Advanced Add-ons For Your Cyber Protect Cloud VM Plan!

Advanced Security

Enhanced Signature-Based Detection

With an enhanced database of malware signatures, detection rates & speed is increased, allowing smooth detection with minimal agent impact on the performance of all known threats within seconds.

Advanced Backup

Continuous Data Protection
Enables you to extend cloud backup capabilities needed to protect your data productively from more than 20 workload types. Not only that, this feature allows you to increase automation and productivity in the most secure cloud backup available.

Advanced Management

Simplify Client Protection Management
Spend less time juggling solutions and more time focusing on protecting your data, applications, and systems. Adding Advanced Management to our integrated Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solution enables automated patch management and easy work planning to reduce your administrative burden.

Full of Features

Our web hosting solutions are full of features. We have designed our web hosting to suit the demands of our customers, see our full features list:

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – Included Features
Included – Features Value Pro Premium Ultimate
#CyberFit Score
Vulnerability assessment
Active protection (Basic Ransomware Protection)
Antivirus and anti-malware (Basic AV)
Protection without local signature-based detection
Group Management of workloads
Centralized plans management
Remote desktop
Remote assistance
Hardware inventory
File backup
Image backup
Application backup (MSSQL, Exchange and AD. Linux DB requires Advance Backup)
Network shares backup
Backup to local storage (Shinjiru Storage)
Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – Advanced Add-on Features
Advanced Features
Advanced Backup
Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange cluster
Oracle DB
Data Protection Map
Continuous Data Protection
Advanced Management
Patch Management
HDD health
Software inventory
Fail safe patching
Cyber scripting
AI-based monitoring
Software deployment
Advanced Security
Antivirus and anti-malware protection with local signature-based detection
URL filtering
Forensic backup, scan backups for malware, safe recovery, corporate allow list
Smart protection plans
Exploit prevention

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