Cloud Hosting

Dita Selia Cloud Hosting is built on multiple servers’ infrastructure.
Each application is capable of self-healing as it is made up of multiple servers. Whether it is email, website, database or DNS, each one of them has the highest uptime operating on multiple connected servers with the possibility of continuous server resources as new servers can be added at any time.
cloud hosting


Leveraging from Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology.​

  • Scalability

    On the fly you can scale your VM resources within minutes.

  • Billing

    Pay-per-use model, pay as you go!

  • Data Sovereignty

    Locally hosted in Malaysia and fully managed by our local team 24/7.

  • Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

    99.95% uptime guarantee.

  • Hybrid Configuration

    On-Premise & Cloud Harmony

server clustering


Highly available and full redundancy systems are no longer a dream!

  • Burden to Handle All Services

    Services are specifically spread across multiple servers in a well-organized structure, making them easier to be managed, maintained and protected.

  • Processing Requests

    Requests are prioritized and distributed to multiple servers intelligently to speed up the response time.

  • Database Security

    Databases are securely stored in the back-end server and well protected from direct access.

  • Email Queue

    Distributed to multiple mail servers to noticeably reduce the email processing time.

  • DDOS Attack

    Smart load balancing to multiple servers reduce the chance of DDOS to crash your websites or applications.

  • Scalability

    Flexible to scale up add more CPUs or memory to a single server and add more servers to a cluster.

High Availability + Load Balance Web Servers + MySQL Cluster
Load Balance Web Server + MySQL Cluster​
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