Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365

Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365​

Advanced, all-in-one threat protection for Microsoft Office 365’s communication and collaboration services

Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 is the smart choice for advanced, all-in-one threat protection for Microsoft Office 365’s communication and collaboration services – no vendor lock-in, no wasteful shelfware. Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 instantly stops the spread of malicious software, phishing, ransomware, spam and business email compromise (BEC) and requires no high-tech skills.

Stop phishing and Business Email Compromise

Microsoft remains the #1 target for phishers, as phishing attacks on Office 365 open the door to multi-phased attacks.

Phishing is often used as the lead action in an attack, and is followed by the installation of malware. On average, 4% of people will click a link in a phishing email, letting hackers in.

Hackers then use Microsoft OneDrive for Business to distribute malware.

Rapid advanced threat prevention

Security solution with unified set of technologies to protect Exchange Online and OneDrive from the widest range of known and unknown threats.

The solution uses advanced heuristics,  machine learning and other next generation technologies to protect your business from ransomware, malicious attachments, spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC) and unknown threats.

Protecting from known and unknown threats:

Detect and prevent phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC)

A mix of anti-phishing technologies to filter out threats before users can make a mistake:
21% of all incidents reported involve some form of phishing*
* Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2017.

Stop the spread of ransomware and unknown threats

Email is the number one malware vector threatening business security

  • Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365’s proven detection is based on multiple, proactive layers of security, combined with the human expertise of our threat researchers and analysts to catch even unknown threats.
  • HuMachine-powered multi-layered threat detection: Kaspersky Lab’s proven threat detection capabilities incorporate multiple, proactive layers of security that filter out malicious attachments in email. Machine learning-based detection models filter out previously unknown, zero-hour malware.

Prevent malware from spreading across email communications and corporate cloud storage

Filter out spam

Our technologies detect and block evolving spam techniques:

58% of all email traffic is spam. The average worker spends 13 hours a year scanning and deleting it*

* Atlassian: Time Wasting At Work


Remove dodgy attachments

Attachment filtering helps you to remove a file before it’s allowed through, by:

66% of malware is installed via malicious attachments*

Zero-hour and zero-day attacks often lurk inside Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other business application files, waiting for the user to click*

* Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2017.

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How Great Is Kaspersky Security?

Email compromise prevention

Detect and prevent Business Email Compromise (BEC) with a combination of:

Multilayered threat detection

To make you safe using your favorite apps such as Microsoft Exchange Online and OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Teams Kaspersky anti-malware engine combines signature-based protection, heuristic and behavioral analysis along with cloud-assisted technologies to protect you from known, unknown and advanced malware threats.

Progressive spoofing and BEC detection

Take advantage of heuristic checks along with machine learning (deep learning) methods associated with phishing detection to minimize the risk of address spoofing and business email compromise.

Flexible protection policies

You have the freedom to choose between a preconfigured policy for instant roll-out or adjustable policies to build different protection levels for different user groups.

Data protection, integrity and control

On-the-fly Data Discovery provides immediate visibility and control of sensitive data in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams

Seamless integration

Effortless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and cloud-based hosting mean there’s no need to invest in additional infrastructure or install a distributive to get started.

Why choose Kaspersky?

20% more effective than Microsoft’s own built-in protection

99.6% more effective anti-malware detection rate

Source: Standalone product test: Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365

No delays, no latency

Doesn’t affect user productivity. Thanks to deep integration with Microsoft Office 365 via API and use of Microsoft Azure workloads, ensuring an uninterrupted workflow with no impact on user productivity.

Exchange Online integration using Graph API and Exchange Online cmd-lets and other Microsoft-approved technologies.

Secure integration with corporate OneDrive with OAuth 2.0 is as easy as granting consent to the Kaspersky application.

Instant protection with no additional costs

There are two fundamental things in Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 that help customers save money and resources:

  • SMB customers don’t have unlimited resources, and this applies to IT and IT Security too. Not every SMB is ready to spend time and money on additional hardware dedicated entirely to security needs. Because our console is hosted in the Cloud, there’s no need for customers to buy and maintain additional hardware – unlike when using on-premise management solutions.
  • It’s simple and intuitive. SMBs don’t necessarily have specialized IT security staff, and complicated security solutions can cost extra time and money spent on training or even hiring new staff. With our security, this isn’t necessary.

No additional servers or software required

By hosting the IT security management console in the Cloud, Kaspersky Lab has already taken care of all the infrastructure elements required.

No special training necessary

Real file type recognition

  • Intuitive interface - detection statistics are available in the console
  • Managed from the same place as endpoint security: cloud.kaspersky.com
  • License status and license usage details.

How Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 helps

All-in-one protection for mail and storage components of the Microsoft Office 365 suite: Exchange Online, OneDrive (anti-phishing, anti-malware, anti-spam, unwanted attachments removal, protection on demand).

  • Flexible protection policies

    ⚬ Run on-demand scans anytime
    ⚬ Scan specific user groups

  • Single point of investigation

    ⚬ A unified view of both Exchange Online Protection quarantine and KSO365 backup.
    ⚬ Information on detected threats is available on the dashboard.

  • No missed emails or files

    No mail or file is deleted permanently – deleted objects are put in backup. Search and filter backup to view or restore objects.

  • GDPR and data compliance

    Email and files are processed only in the datacenter specified by the customer. Customer email and files are not stored by Kaspersky Lab. Backup emails and files are stored on the customer’s side (in Office 365).

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Product Licensing

Hybrid licensing scenario

If a customer use both the on-premise and online versions of Exchange in their infrastructure, they can combine two different Kaspersky Lab licenses to protect both:

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