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Tracking, analyzing, interpreting and mitigating constantly evolving IT security threats is a massive undertaking. Enterprises across all sectors are facing a shortage of the up-to-the-minute, relevant data they need to help them manage the risks associated with IT security threats.

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Services include:

Threat Data Feeds

Cyber threats are constantly growing in frequency, complexity and obfuscation, as they try to compromise your defenses. Adversaries currently use complicated intrusion kill chains, campaigns and customized Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to disrupt your business or damage your clients. It’s now clear that protection requires new methods, based on threat intelligence.

By integrating up-to-the-minute threat intelligence feeds containing information on suspicious and dangerous IPs, URLs and file hashes, into existing security controls, like SIEM systems, security teams can automate the initial alert triage process while providing their triage specialists with enough context to immediately identify alerts that need to be investigated or escalated to Incident Response (IR) teams for further investigation and response.

First-tier security vendors and enterprises use time-honored and authoritative Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds to produce premium security solutions or to protect their business.

Figure 1. Operationalizing External Threat Intelligence

Figure 2. Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Sources

Kaspersky CyberTrace

The number of security alerts processed by Security Operations Center’s Tier 1 analysts every day is growing exponentially. With this amount of data being analyzed, effective alert prioritization, triage and validation becomes nearly impossible. There are too many blinking lights coming from numerous security products, leading to significant alerts getting buried in the noise, and analyst burnout. SIEMs, log management and security analytics tools aggregating security data and correlating related alarms all help to reduce the number of alerts warranting additional examination, but Tier 1 specialists remain extremely overloaded.

Kaspersky CyberTrace provides a set of instruments to operationalize threat intelligence for conducting effective alert triage and initial response:

Figure 3. Kaspersky CyberTrace statistics

Figure 4. Kaspersky CyberTrace integration scheme

APT Intelligence Reporting

Kaspersky APT Intelligence Reporting provides: 

Tailored Threat Intelligence Reporting

Developed using open source intelligence (OSINT), deep analysis of Kaspersky’s expert systems and databases and our knowledge of underground cybercriminal networks, these reports cover areas including:

Threat Intelligence Portal

Service highlights:-

Cloud Sandbox

Key Features:

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