NOC is an acronym for the network operations center. In the industry of managed services, it is the monitoring and remediation of various network aspects for businesses. This is where administrators perform the supervision, monitoring, and maintaining of a telecommunications network.

Service Overview

NOC-as-a-service Scope Coverage

NOC-as-a-service Includes


Network Monitoring

Monitor network solution (Access Points, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, UPS, etc…)

Bandwidth Management

Monitor network’s LAN and WAN bandwidth usage

Device Lifecycle Management

Network devices firmware, hardware support status, and configuration monitoring

Capacity Planning

Detailed analysis on network’s capacity and expansion

Business Continuity Drill

Yearly BCP testing based on ISO27001 standards

Offering Mode

NOC-as-a-Service hosted by provider

NOC on-premise hosted in customer’s environment

NOC-as-a-service Architecture And Design


Severity Level Definition Response Time Response Method
1 (High)
  • Entire company’s operations have been severely disrupted due to network outage caused by managed devices.
Within 30 minutes Phone and Email
2 (Medium)
  • Entire business unit / department operations have been severely disrupted due to network outage caused by managed devices.
Within 60 minutes Email
3 (Low)
  • Any enquiries in-regards to services provided to customer environment.
  • Other cases that does not fit into Level 1 or 2 definition.
  • Configuration change requests on managed devices.
Within 48 hours Email

NOC-as-a-service Reporting

Frequency Report
Monthly Monthly NOC & Service Monitoring Report

Monthly summary of previous month’s availability statistics, top port usage, bandwidth usage, number of devices monitored, list of tickets (open, pending, closed), SLA trackers, incident responses, historical trend analysis, and escalations.

Sample NOC Monthly Reporting

Managed Network and Security Services

Malaysia Government Agency




Managed Network Services

Large Conglomerate




Intergrated AI With Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Customized Data Ingestion with Automation

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