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Server Co-location hosting provides server rack space and bandwidth for clients who wish to host its own servers in a data center facility. Co-location services are solutions for customers that require quality outsourced Internet hosting services without having to invest in the high cost of world-class IDC facilities, multi-homed bandwidth, server management, network and technical expertise, round-the-clock monitoring and managed professional expertise.

  • Rack Units

    Cost-effective server co-location for small number of servers. Connect your own equipment to our worldwide network in the same way as a dedicated rack – with the same benefits.

  • Private Rack

    Dedicated rack for larger number of servers or specific needs. Get your own customizable, private space in one of our data centers, and modify it as and when you need.

  • Private Cage

    Cages are completely tailored to fit your individual space, data and power needs. This is the preferred co-location method for customers with large amounts of equipment.

  • Locations

    Cages are completely tailored to fit your individual space, data and power needs. This is the preferred co-location method for customers with large amounts of equipment.

  • Facilities

    Tier 3 certified Data Centres.

With our Grade AAA Data Centers, you can be rest assured that your servers are placed in a facility that are met with the rigorous and stringent standards necessary for high quality service deployment. Our advantage is that we have multiple locations for customers to choose and thus ultimately provide disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

Server Co-Location CX2 Plans







Private LAN

Enable a private VLAN if you prefer a secure network to ensure your business privacy is achieved.

Multi BGP

We peer with the largest Tier 1 providers in the world to achieve the best latency and the fastest route.

Tier 3

We partner with Tier 3 data centres to ensure the best performance and reliability to safeguard 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Redundant Networks

We have designed our network structure to make sure that you are connected all the time with your co-location connected to multiple networks.

Secure & Compliant

Every inch of our infrastructure meets stringent ISO 20000, 270001 and 9001 requirements as well as being PCI DSS compliant – meaning you can trust us with your servers.

High Availability

With our resilient, geo-diverse infrastructure and a range of advanced high availability technologies at your disposal, downtime will never be an issue.

Environmental Security

Our data centres all feature fully redundant power sources with backup generators, redundant cooling systems, comprehensive fire suppression and best in class physical security measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Co-location services are for organisations and individuals that have their own servers and hardware that want to have datacentre connectivity. Therefore, they choose a provider like Dita Selia to provide the network connectivity for their hardware to ensure maximum uptime.

Easy! Just submit a ticket through our support portal, provide your Name, Identification/Passport Number, Requested Time to Access and our datacentre team will organise the rest for you.

Of course, we will escort you around the data centre to your co-location space at your request any time of the day. All of our Tier-3 data centres are fully guarded.

Our support teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year should you require help. You can reach them through our support portal.

We have done configurations for disaster recovery, load balancing, clustering and much more. If you have a project that needs professional services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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