Dita Selia offers a range of enterprise level products and services, and we take pride in delivering the best solution to all our customers. We start every project with a round of requirements understanding via our professional consultancy service.
virtual desktop


Dita Selia’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) provide a safe and secure communication infrastructure for private data traveling across the public Internet. Through encryption, authentication and access control, rest assured that our virtual network’s privacy is protected. Customers can connect to our VPN and use it like a normal local network. With our highly secure network, we have released two variants of Virtual Desktops; Dita Selia’s Virtual Private Desktop (VPD) or Dita Selia’s Virtual Trader Desktop (VTD) designed to give you precisely what you dream of! You can also choose to have the Virtual Desktops located in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Europe or the USA.


Virtual Private Desktop lets you do all your activities such as running applications, performing trading activities, web surfing, storing private data, emailing, preparing documents or spreadsheet. It works exactly like your local machine. You just need to connect remotely to our Virtual Private Desktops and you can start doing all your work. Placing all your private data in our Virtual Private Desktop hosted in our highly secured network ensures that you are protected from your local ISP, office spies and hackers who are eager to pry into your personal and work life. All your personal and business activities, assets and investment information are kept safe and secured.

disaster recovery


When disaster strikes, don't miss a beat.

  • Designed to Keep Enterprises Running

    Built around the performance and security that enterprises need to keep working normally in an outage.

  • Cost Effective

    Disaster recovery solutions have traditionally been too costly and complex for most businesses to consider. Dita Selia's Disaster Recovery provides powerful failover protection to companies that can’t afford to invest in a second site for their disaster recovery. Against the cost of a protracted outage.

  • Managed Services

    Patch management, DR declaration, on demand backup, restore & replicate.

  • Reporting

    Daily backup, restore & replication status reporting by Dita Selia systems.

  • Call Center

    24/7 Dita Selia Cloud DR call center.

  • DR Drill & Health Check

    Unlimited DR drill with Dita Selia personnel with yearly on-site health check.

security health check


By applying our Web Security Health Check services, you will be able to gain the benefits such as:

  • Discover and address your firm’s vulnerabilities before an undesired agent does it for you.

  • Understand your level of exposure and business impact of a security breach.

  • Reduce the impact (cost, time, reputation) and frequency of security attacks against your organization.

  • Meet compliance and or regulatory requirements that call for periodic security assessments.

  • Ensure information assurance within your firm and protect your information assets from accidental or directed misuse.

  • Optimize and prioritize your resources spent to remediate system and software vulnerabilities.

  • Gain peace of mind about your security safeguards, controls and policies.

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