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Dita Selia utilizes multiple data centers in Malaysia and Singapore to ensure redundancy and provide reliability, availability and security requirements to our customers.

We deploy fully redundant infrastructures

  • Diesel Powered Generator Set   
  • Dual Power Distribution System   
  • Regulated Temperature 20° and humidity of 50% rH   
  • Early fire detection and FM200 suppression system   
  • Dual electrical grounding systems with 0.5 Ω resistance level   
  • Dual Risers   
  • Protected Fibre Trunks   
  • Redundant Network Connections   
  • Redundant AC/DC Power
  • Raised Floor
  • Customer Staging Room
  • Guarded Building and Secured Door Access   
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance    
  • 2/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)  
  • Conveniently located in major city centers in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore 

The data centers where our servers are hosted are AAA class grade that meet the most stringent security practices. Our facility provides a stable and secure platform for multinational corporations, government sectors, public listed companies which includes financial institutions to ISP, ISV, host providers and modest to small organizations to leverage and gain rapid access to superior network facility and resources. Our facility is built from ground up which offers state of the art redundant systems that assure power availability, temperature, humidity control, security and most importantly uptime guarantee to ensure our clients servers are online, 24 hours a day, all the time. Apart from that, Dita Selia is the only provider here in Malaysia to offer the infrastructure and capability to protect any businesses from DDoS attacks to ensure business continuity.

Dita Selia Network Advantages

  • 21Gbps of International Network to North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Europe.
  • Network Operations Center is located in the same data center building.
  • Anti DDoS protected network.
  • Live MRTG bandwidth monitoring system.
  • Premium network which offer multiple redundant ISP backbone providers to ensure highest availability.
  • Enterprise network for private VLAN setup requirements.
  • Direct peering to Telekom Malaysia and Malaysian Internet Exchange (MyIX).
  • Firewall and Intrusion Detection System (IDS).
  • Multiple and geographically redundant dedicated connections to major Tier-1 Internet backbones.
  • Peering relationships are monitored and maintained 24/7/365 and upgraded as needed.
  • All Data Centers deploy Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4 Routing Protocol) that enables a multi-homed provider to setup a truly redundant network. By connecting to multiple backbones, Dita Selia distributes data out quickly in the shortest possible path. In the event of a failure in one circuit, our network automatically re-routes data to another backbone, ensuring uptime and redundancy for our customers.
  • Dedicated bandwidth with capability to offer international and local routes separately.
  • Wholesale prices direct to end users.
  • Unlimited access and visits onsite.

Dita Selia Premium Network Advantages

  • Anti DDos Protection
    • With our built-in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and mitigation services, our premium network is able to absorb the DDos attack before it reaches your server.
  • Advanced Monitoring Network System
    • Scrutinizes network traffic in real-time to identify anomalies and quarantine attack packets and block malicious traffic.
  • Sophisticated Detection Techniques
    • Including built-in attack profiles and statistical and behavioral analysis methods to quickly identify attacks in progress.
  • Clean Pipe Network
    • Our premium network has the capability to clean all internet traffic through the elimination of malware, spam and viruses without you incurring capital expenditure on hardware. You are rest assured that your data is clean and secured.
  • Highest SLA of 99.999% uptime
    • Better network uptime, zero latency and packet drop.
  • 100% Bandwidth Utilization
    • By eliminating treats and ensuring clean traffic, you get optimal utilization of bandwidth purchased without any unwanted traffic. You get 100% of what you paid for.
  • Higher Burstible Level
    • Our premium network allows you to burst your bandwidth up to 10 times more than our normal network.

Dita Selia Enterprise Private Network

If you prefer to have your own independent network, Dita Selia’s Enterprise Private Network is for you. With this network, we will deliver a separate VLAN network only for your own usage.

  • FREE 256 IP Address
    • Entire class of IP address for you.
  • Fully Private & Independent Network
    • You control and manage all the activities in the network.
  • Highest Uptime Level
    • Since this is a private network, downtime caused by other parties activities is eliminated.
  • Higher Bandwidth Control
    • Add a manageable switch and you are able to control the bandwidth utilization of each server via port control.
  • Auto Suspend / Unsuspend Server
    • With a manageable switch you can suspend or unsuspend any servers on your own. The power is in your hand.
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